Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our services. Please Click on the question below to review these the answers. If you’re unable to find an answer on this page, please E-mail to reservations@krlimoservices.com or Call us 201.713.7525 for further assistance.

What are your payment terms?2018-09-03T17:10:20+00:00

We accept all major Credit Cards. When you are making a reservation online, you can add you Card to secure the booking, but driver will charge your card in the car by SQUARE Credit Card processing. This is a more secure way for you. We do not store (unless you open an account) your credit card information.

What ares do you provide limo car service?2018-09-03T17:10:30+00:00

You can ride with KR Limo Car Service in every U.S. city and worldwide. Rides suggested to be booked in advance using any of our reservation methods. Most reservations need to be scheduled between 4 hours before your requested pick-up time. Advance reservation times differ based on the pickup location.

How many passengers and bags can each vehicle type accommodate?2018-09-03T16:49:29+00:00

Each vehicle can accommodate a different number of passengers and bags. If your passenger/bag count exceeds the limits, you will need to upgrade the vehicle type or reserve an additional vehicle.

What is your Airport Pickup Procedures?2018-09-03T17:10:48+00:00

We offer several different services:

  • Inside Greeting with Sign: Simply our driver will greet you inside at the terminal with a greeting sign (Passenger’s name). Meet & Greet fee is extra $15.00.
    Curbside pick or Door Pickup: Driver will pick you up at the curbside (either Arrival or Departure Level) or Passenger pick up the area if available.
    Group Greeting: We can arrange an instructor who will coordinate your group at the airport.

For more information, you need to contact our office 201.713.7525

What is your cancellation policy?2018-09-03T17:10:56+00:00

We require at least:

  • 2 Hour notice for SEDANs
    4 Hour notice for SUVs
    12 Hour notice for VANs
    7 Days notice for Mini Coaches, Stretch Limousines, and Buses

If you cancel before your scheduled pickup time, we will charge a 60% cancellation fee. After scheduled pickup time, we will charge 90% cancellation fee.

What is your waiting time charge?2018-09-03T17:11:08+00:00


For domestic Arrivals: After your flight landed we give you 45 minutes free waiting time.
For International Arrivals: After your flight landed we give you 60 minutes free waiting time. After the free waiting time we will add extra waiting time charge.

Point to Point;

First 10 minutes are FREE after scheduled pickup time, after that waiting time starts.

Road Show / Hourly;

No waiting time charges.

Waiting time is $.75 a minute.

Why is the amount charged different than the amount I was quoted?2018-09-03T17:11:18+00:00

Your rate quote is based on the information provided at the time your reservation is taken. Additional charges such as Extra Tolls, Parking, Early or Late Fee, Extra Stop or Waiting Time can result in changing your final bill. If you do not feel that you had any additional services, please call our Office at 201.713.7525 and speak to one of our Accounting Specialist to review your charges.

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